Colleagues & Collaborators

The Nature Volunteers website is being developed as a collaborative project involving Bournemouth university staff, students and a range of conservation organisations & their volunteers. The web developers are Christchurch Web Solutions.

Bournemouth University Staff Involved :

Anita Diaz, Rick Stafford, Einar Thorsen, Kayleigh Winch, Ayesha Pyke, Alex Lovegrove, Richard Scullion, Pippa Gillingham, Mark Brisbane, Genoveva Esteban.

We particularly thank the following conservation organisation staff for their support and contributions to the initial design and use of the website :

Michelle Brown (National Trust); David Brown (National Trust); Lawrence Shaw (New Forest National Park); Brian Heppenstall (Bournemouth Borough Council); Ben Limburn (Amphibian & Reptile Conservation); Richard Sharp (Amphibian & Reptile Conservation); Lindsay Death (Back from the Brink); Dale Garwood (The HEDGE Project); Ralph Connolly (Amphibian & Reptile Conservation Trust); Susanna Holford (Dorset Wildlife Trust); Bob and Jean Annell (New Forest Transect Group); Alan Thurbon (Hampshire Conservation Volunteers); Carly Harrod (Hampshire County Council); Debbie Billen (Dorset Wildlife Trust); Kate Martin (Dorset County Council).

We are also very grateful to the following conservation organisation staff and volunteers, including students, for their collaboration during our two 2018 project workshops :

Albany Smith (Volunteer); Alison Green (Volunteer); Andrew Brown (Volunteer); Anne Carney (Cranborne Chase); Brian Foulger (Volunteer); Chris Chapleo (Volunteer); Daniel Greenwood (South Downs National Park); David McQueen (Volunteer); Eric Janke (Volunteer); Freyja Van Den Boom (Volunteer); Gail Thomas (Volunteer); Gemma Stride (Forestry Commission); Gitte Kragh (Earthwatch);  Graham Goode (Volunteer); Hannah Bosence (Christchurch and East Dorset Council); Hazel Pittwood (Volunteer); Helen Renny (Volunteer); Imogen Van Zyl (Volunteer); Jacob White (National Trust); Jake Hill (Volunteer); James Sokolnicki (Volunteer); Jonathan Lim (Volunteer); Keana Aroun-Maxwell (Volunteer); Kerstin Stutterheim (Volunteer); Laura Higgs-White (Volunteer); Mark Warn (Forestry Commission); Mary Thornton (Volunteer); Mike Osborne (Volunteer); Nicholas Aebischer (Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust); Paul Attwell (Dorset County Council); Paul Kelly (Volunteer); Peter Harris (Volunteer); Richard Austin (New Forest National Park Authority); Rosemary Edwards (Volunteer); Sara Tschersich (Christchurch and East Dorset Council); Scott Dallow (Volunteer); Sophie Lake (Plantlife); Steve Davis (Dorset Wildlife Trust); Stuart Clarke (Bournemouth Borough Council); Thomas Weston (Volunteer); Zoe Cox (Forestry Commission).