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4.0 rating
12th November 2018

It’s vital to have portals such as this for recruiting volunteers, broadcasting projects, etc but where is London on the drop-down menu for location?
I recently sent in details of London Wildlife Trust volunteering opportunities (we have lots around the city/greenbelt) but can’t find London in the list – am I missing something?
Shaun Marriott

Shaun Marriott

Response from Nature Volunteers

Hi Shaun,
Thank you very much for your feedback, I’m glad that you see the value in Nature Volunteers as a resource for conservation organisations.
Our location menu is split up into counties, therefore London is referred to as Greater London. This is the location set for all London Wildlife opportunities.
I hope this has helped to clear up some confusion. Thank you again for your feedback.
Kind regards,
The Nature Volunteers Team

Need location on search function

3.0 rating
26th October 2018

I find that perhaps the most important thing in a volunteering role is the location. Transport, getting to and from a volunteering role, is a crucial aspect to the role before you even start.

Karen Frances

Response from Nature Volunteers

Hi Karen,
Thank you very much for your feedback. As you’ve probably seen we do have a simple location filter button in place once you have completed the match process. The thought behind this decision is that some volunteers, primarily those looking to gain skills, may be looking for projects in no particular location. This therefore prevents having to complete the match process several times for different locations.
However, we will take your feedback on board and look into having a location filter both during and after the match process.
Kind regards,
Nature Volunteers