Species Surveys

Gathering baseline survey data on farmland species

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Project Summary

The Wylye Valley Farmers are a self-funded group of land managers with an interest in joining up conservation efforts at a landscape scale. Baseline survey data (of a selection of iconic and representative species) is required to enable the group to assess the results of their efforts to increase biodiversity through habitat management and creation

Need to know

  • Start Date: 23/09/2019
  • End Date: 30/09/2020
  • County: Wiltshire
  • Organisation Name: Wylye valley Farmers
  • Project Category: Species surveys


Project Description

Species selected for survey are listed below. We would be interested in hearing from anyone with an interest in providing surveys for any of these but also would be open to other suggestions should you have expertise in surveying for other farmland species.

Those we have chosen are; hedgehogs, English elm, white-letter hairstreak, water vole, grey partridge (and/or other sp on the farmland bird index), bees & pollinators, juniper.

The group members manage around 25,000 acres of farmland. Access permissions and terms of engagement will be drawn up on an individual basis.