Grounds4Nature Bioblitz

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Project Summary

Seek and discover the wildlife in your garden or school grounds In 2019, we ran the first UK-wide #Grounds4Nature Schools’ BioBlitz; it was such fun that we intended to do it again. Now, with many schools affected by COVID-19, we have two ways for children to take part: (1) at school with their teachers, or (2) at home with family in their garden.

Need to know

  • Start Date: 04/06/2020
  • End Date: 11/06/2020
  • County: National
  • Organisation Name: Royal Holloway University of London and University of Brighton
  • Project Category: Species surveys


Project Description

What? ‘Bio’ means ‘life’ and ‘Blitz’ means ‘to do something quickly’ – we are asking you to spend an hour or two searching for as many different types of wild plants and animals (not pets, people or planted flowers!) When? 4th - 11th June 2020 Where? Your garden or any safe private outside space, where you can follow the COVID-19 safety restrictions (e.g. yard, balcony, school grounds). How? Use the free App Seek by iNaturalist and look at and on flowers, bushes and trees, under stones, in leaf litter, on walls, in your grass - everywhere!

Why take part? We are running this cross-curricular event for two main reasons:   Research shows that connecting children with nature is an excellent way to boost their mental and physical wellbeing, alongside their engagement with the science in their school curriculum. With many species in decline, we encourage you to engage in a fun and meaningful way with local wildlife.