Waxcap Survey

Purbeck Waxcap Survey

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Project Summary

The Waxcaps are the best known and easiest to identify amongst the grassland fungi. These colourful, beautiful species can serve as an indicator of grassland health. This year our survey will be at Corfe Common on 25th Oct. 10am to 3pm. No previous experience is necessary as training and identification guides will be provided on the day.

Need to know

  • Start Date: 25/10/2018
  • End Date: 25/10/2018
  • County: Dorset
  • Organisation Name: National Trust
  • Project Category: Species surveys


Project Description

This survey at Corfe Common will build on our understanding of Wax cap (Hygrocybe species) distribution at National Trust sites. Wax caps can give valuable insights into the quality of our grassland sites and the way in which we manage them. In 2017, we identified 11 Waxcap species at Corfe Common in a single survey which classifies Corfe Common as a site of National Importance for waxcaps. However, there is a chance that this total would have been exceeded if the survey had have been a few weeks earlier or the preceding weather had have been kinder to us! Previously, Corfe Common has been recorded to support in excess of 15 Waxcap species, which classifies it as a site of International Importance.

photo credit: Chris Spilling