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Project Summary

Recording wildlife is an easy way to get involved in wildlife conservation. It is a way of helping us to monitor wildlife across the county to gain an understanding of an animal’s distribution. Your sightings can help us identify areas which are especially important for wildlife and identify species in decline or under threat.

Need to know

  • Start Date: 18/09/2018
  • End Date: 31/12/2018
  • County: Norfolk
  • Organisation Name: Norfolk Wildlife Trust
  • Project Category: Species surveys


Project Description

Each season we ask you to help Norfolk's wildlife by sending us your sightings of three iconic species. You don't have to be an expert – all you need to do is tell us when and where you spot them.

This September, October and November we are asking people to help us record three very different species: rabbit, scarlet waxcap and waxwing. With autumn approaching it is a fantastic time to look for fungi. The vivid red (scarlet) of this small waxcap makes it quite distinctive and it is an indicator of old grassland. As autumn progresses into winter look for waxwings feeding on berries and fruit. These delightful birds may be seen flocking with starlings, but their distinctive crest makes them stand out amongst the crowd. Rabbits of course can be seen all year round in Norfolk, but they are really under recorded in the county. Help us learn more about their distribution by submitting your records.

Click the Sign Up box to find out how to submit your recordings. Don’t forget you will need to tell us: what you saw, when you saw it, where you saw it and who you are.