Data Management

Assistant Data Manager

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Project Summary

This is an office based position. You will have a strong interest in nature and the environment. Some experience in reading maps, and using Excel and GIS would be advantageous, but further training will be provided. Some knowledge of bird distribution in Scotland and nature reserve management would be beneficial.

Need to know

  • Start Date: 21/09/2018
  • End Date: 31/12/2018
  • County: City of Edinburgh
  • Organisation Name: Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
  • Project Category: Other


Project Description

We are looking for someone to join our team and help collate and manage data in its paper, electronic spreadsheet and digitally mapped formats. Most data is held on our internal mapping system, Merlin. You will help digitise data from species surveys and reserve management plans as well as organise spreadsheets so they can be easily uploaded on to the system. It is important that we make our data available in an electronic format and share it within the RSPB and externally, so that it can be used for research, day to day reserve management and for informing development. This role is based at our Scotland Headquarters in Edinburgh.

This position provides the opportunity to develop Excel and GIS skills and to get a thorough understanding of how the RSPB works and the breadth of work being carried out by the organisation. The internal mapping system Merlin is key to many roles within the organisation so you will get to work with a variety of people in different departments. You will also gain an insight into the collection of scientific data in relation to wading bird populations and how we are using it in our research programmes.

This position is available all year round with flexible working hours, ranging from 1 to 3 days per week.