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Chedington Woods surveying weekend

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Project Summary

We are looking for a team of experts and trainees, amateurs and professionals, to join us for our second weekend of surveying in this beautiful but under-recorded area of Dorset. If you have an expertise in a particular field or just an interest, would you join us for this weekend either as a resident or on a non-residential basis?

Need to know

  • Start Date: 28/06/2019
  • End Date: 30/06/2019
  • County: Dorset
  • Organisation Name: EuCAN CIC
  • Project Category: Species surveys


Project Description

The weekend will run from 4.30pm on the Friday until around 5pm on the Sunday. Chedington Woods are on the Dorset/Somerset border. Postcode: DT8 3HX

A comprehensive survey of this land was carried out between 2006 and 2010 and we held our first weekend there last year. The owners are very keen to continue this on a regular basis to establish a public database of information about the site to inform the management of the woodland and the farmland. This will include a wide range of animals and plants - moth trapping, bird ringing, bat detecting, butterfly counts, pond work and surveys of wildflowers and lower plants. Exactly which taxa we aim to cover will depend on the expertise and interest of the participants.

Most of the group will be camping in the field beside the lake – we some tents and sleeping mats we can lend. There are also B&B’s close to Chedington – a list of these can be produced on request.

Costbooking is essential. To cover the costs we are asking for a contribution of £30 (or £15 camping for half the weekend, and £10 per day for day visitors to include one lunch and one tea).