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Welcome to the Nature Volunteers resources page, here you will find a variety of resources that have been produced by us or collated from across the internet. Please use the drop-down menu to view resources that interest you.

  • Our handy website guides show what you can do on NatureVolunteers.UK.
  • Good news stories are positive environmental outcomes found across the internet.
  • Research includes our own research outputs from Nature Volunteers and any relevant articles we find online.
  • Wildlife at home are our ‘how-to’ guides of how you can help the wildlife around you.
  • Good practice resources include case studies from projects advertised on Nature Volunteers and external resources that promote best practice for project development.

River Otter Beaver Trial

The reintroduction of beavers has shown to reduced flood risks, cleaned rivers and helped wildlife. You can read the full article here. If you want to find out more about the River Otter Beaver Trial, lead by Devon Wildlife Trust, including their latest report, click here.

Fluorescent pink slug, unique to Australian mountaintop, survives bushfires

A fluorescent pink slug, found only on a single mountaintop in northern New South Wales, has survived the bushfires that burnt through much of its alpine habitat. Around 60 of the brightly coloured Mount Kaputar slugs, which can grow to a size longer than a human hand, were spotted by National Parks and Wildlife Service rangers after recent …

Fluorescent pink slug, unique to Australian mountaintop, survives bushfires Read More »

Pine Cone Bird Feeder

Bird feeders are a great way to find out more about your garden visitors and these homemade ones are inexpensive and super easy to make. Different seeds suit different birds, so have a think about what birds are in your area and what you would like to attract.

Let the Grass Grow

This is a simple change that actually requires less work in the garden – allow your grass and any weeds to grow! This doesn’t have to be the entire garden; a border or 1m square patch is better than nothing.

Bug Hotel

Help the wildlife in your garden by building a bug hotel! They can be as big as you like and can be made of natural materials collected in your garden or in your local countryside.

Rustic Twig Trees

Start a new tradition this year by hand making Christmas tree decorations. You don’t need to buy anything extra, just use what you have in the house and can find outside! Click here for our guide to making rustic twig trees

Pinecone pots

Christmas trees are one of the best things about this time of year, so how about having lots of mini Christmas trees all around the house! Click here for our guide to making pinecone pots

Nature Volunteers

Nature Volunteers is a website designed to link people with projects in nature. It has two goals. The first goal is to help people interested in nature volunteering find suitable projects across the UK. The second goal is to help organisations find volunteers and tailor projects to enhance their success.